Aperito International Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (AIJAST)

Adrian Barroso-Bogeat

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Cádiz

Adrián Barroso-Bogeat obtained his degree in Chemistry with honours at the University of Extremadura (Badajoz, Spain) in 2010. He also received his Master’s degree in Environmental Pollution with honours from the same university in 2012. During the period 2010-2014 he worked at the Department of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Extremadura (Badajoz, Spain) as a Predoctoral Fellow, supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. In 2011 he spent three months at the National Institute of Carbon (Oviedo, Spain) as a Visiting Research Fellow. In 2015 he joined the University of Cádiz (Puerto Real, Spain) as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Materials Science, Metallurgical Engineering and Inorganic Chemistry. His research interests focus on the preparation and characterization of carbon materials, especially activated carbons, and carbon-based composites; their application in environmental remediation, photocatalysis, heterogeneous catalysis and energy storage; and valorization of wastes, mainly from the agroindustrial field. Furthermore, he has a wide research experience in the study of the electrical properties of carbon materials and carbon-based composites. He has co-authored many papers published in journals indexed in the JCR, one chapter in book, and over 20 communications in national and mostly international conferences. Adrián Barroso-Bogeat has also acted as a referee of several international journals. He has been a Member of the organizing committee of national and international conferences (e.g., the XI Meeting of the Spanish Carbon group held in Badajoz in October 2011). He is also an active member of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) and the Spanish Young Chemists Group (JIQ).

Research Interests


Preparation and characterization of carbon materials
Especially activated carbons 
Carbon-based composites and their application in environmental remediation
Heterogeneous catalysis and energy storage Valorization of wastes

Scientific Activities

Mariusz CycoPhD

Assistant professor
Department and Institute of Microbiology and Virology
Medical University of Silesia

Dr Cycon completed his Ph.D. hab. (in biological sciences - 

environmental microbiology), M.Sc. (in biology - biotechnology of 

plants and microorganisms) and Ph.D. (in medical sciences - 

medical biology) from University of Silesia, Poland and Medical 

University of Silesia, Poland.He has vast experience in different 

areas of modern environmental microbiology and biotechnology. 

Since 2005, 29 scientific article published in the national and 

international peer-reviewed journals like Chemosphere, 

Ecotoxicology, Applied Soil Ecology, Journal of Environmental 

Management, Journal of Environmental Sciences, BioMed Research 

International, International Journal of Environmental Science and 

Technology, Biodegradation, Central European Journal of Biology, 

International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation.He is Member of 

editorial board of 12 scientific journal.He also reviewed more 

than 190 articles for 50 journals.

Research Interests

Environmental microbiology
Environmental biotechnology
Degradation of the organic compounds
Bioremediation of the environment
Soil microorganisms
Screening of bacteria capable of degrading chemicals characterized 

by a broad-spectrum effect on environment and human health.
Identification of bacterial strains capable of degrading chemicals 

based on biochemical and genetic methods.
Determination of degradation mechanisms of chemicals proceeded by 

Studies on the optimization of degradation processes of chemicals 

proceeded by microorganisms.
Studies on the use of microorganisms in bioremediation processes 

of soils contaminated with chemicals.
Evaluation of microbial activity in soils contaminated with 

Evaluation of changes in bacterial diversity and community 

structure of soils contaminated with chemicals based on the 

cultivation technique and biochemical (FAME, PLFA), and molecular 

(DNA) markers.

Scientific Activities

Sebastián E. Bellú


National University of Rosario

Sebastián E. Bellú is a Professor at National University of 

Rosario, Argentina.  He is also Researcher at Chemistry Institute 

of Rosario. His principal research activities lie in the use of 

carbohydrate polymers, and waste agricultural biomaterials for 

remediation of contaminated waters, employing economical and 

environmental-friendly sorption removal processes. 
Professor Bellú has published over 20 research articles, four 

books, and more than 60 congress presentations in the inorganic 

chemistry, organic physical chemistry and environmental fields.

Research Interests

Remediation of contaminated waters
Application of carbohydrate polymers for the removal of contaminants by economical sorption processes 
Treatment of polluted effluents


Scientific Activities

Anarjan NavidehPhD

Department of Engineering
Islamic Azad University

Dr. Anarjan navideh  completed her PhD in 2012 in Food science, Department of Food Technology. From 1999 onwards she is a Member of Iranian in Food Science and Technology Association. She also completed many research projects. As well as she also won many international awards. She also Publish many publications. She conducted number of Training workshops. Her research interests are Nano-based delivery systems, Food functional compounds, Micro/ nanoencapsulation of bioactive compounds, Food Emulsions, Food nanotechnology,  Antimicrobial compounds, Antimicrobial coatings.

Research Interests

Nano-based delivery systems
Food functional compounds
Micro/ nanoencapsulation of bioactive compounds
Food Emulsions
Food nanotechnology
Antimicrobial compounds
Antimicrobial coatings

Scientific Activities

Aytac GuderPhD

Assistant Professor
Medical Services and Techniques Department
Giresun University

Dr. Güder graduated from the Ondokuz May?s University (PhD 2012 Biochemistry). His interests are antioxidant, antimicrobial activities of natural and synthetic compounds.
These interests expanded at the Giresun University (UWA) where he led the Medical Laboratory within the Vocational High School of Health Services from 2012 to today.
His research team has been at the Medical Services and Techniques Department at the Giresun University and Kastamonu University since mid-2012.
He has about 20 articles and more than 30 congress presentations. Also, he is Member of
Editorial board of 3 scientific journal. In addition, he reviewed more than 50 articles for 20 journals.

Research Interests


Antimicrobial activities of natural and synthetic compounds


A1. AytaçGüder and Halil Korkmaz.“Evaluation of the in-vitro antioxidant properties of hydroalcoholic solution extracts Urtica dioica L., Malva neglecta Wallr. and their mixture” J. Iran. Pharma. Res. (2012), 11 (3): 913-923

A2. AytaçGüder and Halil Korkmaz.“Investigation of antioxidant activity and total anthocyanins from blackberry (Rubus hirtus Waldst. & Kit) and cherry laurel (Laurocerasus officinalis Roem)”, Asian J. Chem. (2012), 24 (10): 4525-4531.

A3. Aytaç Güder, Mehmet Soner Engin, Murat Yolcu andMahmut Gür.“Effect of processing temperature on the chemical composition and antioxidant activity of Vaccinium arctostaphylos fruit and their jam”, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, (2014) 38: 1696-1704. doi:10.1111/jfpp.12132

A4. Ender Biçer, Serkan Özdemir, Aytaç Güder and Halil Korkmaz.“Investigation of the Interaction of Resveratrol with Free Radical Diphenylpicrylhydrazyl at Different pHs by Cyclic Voltammetry: Correlation between Antioxidant Activity and Association Complex Constant”. Russian Journal of Electrochemistry (Elektrokhimiya), 2014. doi: 10.1134/S1023193514080023


A5.Can Ala?alvar, Mustafa Serkan Soylu, Aytaç Güder, Çi?dem Albayrak, Gökhan Apayd?n and Nefise Dilek. “Crystal structure, DFT and HF calculationsand radical scavenging activities of (E)-4,6-dibromo-3-methoxy-2-[(3-methoxyphenylimino)methyl]phenol” Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy (2014), 125:319-327.

A6. Can Ala?alvar, Mustafa Serkan Soylu, Aytaç Güder, Çi?dem Albayrak, Gökhan Apayd?n and Nefise Dilek. “Molecular structure, Quantum Mechanical Calculation and radical scavenging activities of (E)-4,6-dibromo-2-[(3,5-dimethylphenylimino)methyl]-3-methoxyphenol and (E)-4,6-dibromo-2-[(2,6-dimethylphenylimino)methyl]-3-methoxyphenol compounds” Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, (2014) 130:357-366.

A7. Aytaç Güder. “Influence of Total Anthocyanins from Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia Linn.) As Antidiabetic and Radical Scavenging Agents” J. Iran. Pharma. Res. (Bask?da).

A8. Aytaç Güder, Halil Korkmaz, Halil Gökce, Yelda Bingöl Alpaslan and Gökhan Alpaslan. “Isolation, Characterization, Spectroscopic Properties and Quantum Chemical Computations of an Important Phytoalexin Resveratrol as Antioxidant Component from Vitis labrusca L. and Their Chemical Compositions” Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, (2014) 133:378-395.


A9.AytaçGüder,Mahmut Gür andMehmet Soner Engin. “Antidiabetic and antioxidant properties of bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) fruit and their chemical composition”, Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, (2015) 17:401-414.


A10.Ersin Temel, Can Ala?alvar, Halil Gökce, Aytaç Güder, Çi?dem Albayrak, Yelda Bingöl Alpaslan, Gökhan Alpaslan, Nefise Dilek.“DFT Calculations, Spectroscopy and antioxidant activity studies on (E)-2-nitro-4-[(phenylimino)methyl]phenol” Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, (2015) 136:534–546.


A11.Saim Ate?, Mahmut Gür, Osman E. Özkan, Mehmet Akça,Ça?r? Olgun,Aytaç Güder. “Chemical Contents and Antifungal Activity of Some Durable Wood Extractives” Bioresources (2015) 10(2):2433-2443.


A12.Sevim Çiftçi Yegin, Fatmagül Yur, Sedat Çetin, Aytaç Güder “Effect of Lycopene on Serum Nitrite-Nitrate Levels in Diabetic Rats” Ind. Journal Pharm. Sci. (2015)77:357-360.


A13.Khaled Rashed, Aytaç Güder “Comparative Study of Antioxidant Activity from some Egyptian Plants and Phytochemical Composition” Research Journal of Medicinal Plant (2015) 9 (4): 146-159.DOI: 10.3923/rjmp.2015.146.159


A14.Serkan Demir, Aytaç Güder, Turan K. Yaz?c?lar, Sema Ca?lar, Orhan Büyükgüngör “Syntheses, crystallographic, mass-spectroscopic determination andantioxidant studies of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes of a newimidazol based Schiff base” Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, (2015) 150:821–828.


B. Presented at international scientific meetings and in conference proceedings (Proceedings) Abstracts:

B1. Serkan Özdemir, Ender Biçer, Aytaç Güder and Halil Korkmaz, “Investigation Of The Interaction of Resveratrol With DPPH• By Cyclic Voltammetry” 9th International Electrochemistry Meeting in Turkey, Çe?me-?zmir, 2011.

B2. Bahar Çil, Nur?en Dere, Murat Yolcu, Aytaç Güder, Osman Çubuk, ?brahim I??ldak, “All Solid State PVC Membrane Biosensor For Phenols” PP130, 10th International Electrochemistry Meeting in Konya, TURKEY, 2013.

C. Presented at national scientific meetings and published in the proceedings papers:

C1.Aytaç Güder ve Halil Korkmaz, “Is?rgan otunun ve ebegümeci bitkilerinin ve kar???mlar?n?n in vitroantioksidant aktivitelerinin kar??la?t?r?lmas?”, XXII.Uluslararas? Kat. Kim. Kong., Magusa, KKTC (2008).

C2.Aytaç Güder ve Halil Korkmaz, “Urtica dioica L. tohumunun antioksidant aktivitesi üzerine Malva neglecta Wallr. bitkilesinin sinerjist etkisi”, XXIV.Uluslararas? Kat. Kim. Kong., Zonguldak (2010).

C3. Aytaç Güder ve Halil Korkmaz, “Rubus hirtus Waldst. & Kit’ in su ve etanolik ekstraktlar?n antioksidan aktiviteye ve antosiyanin miktar?na etkisinin belirlenmesi”, XXV.Uluslararas? Kat. Kim. Kong., Erzurum (2011).

C4. Aytaç Güder ve Halil Korkmaz, “Laurocerasus officinalis Roem’ in su ve etanolik ekstraktlar?n antioksidan aktiviteye ve antosiyanin miktar?na etkisinin belirlenmesi”, XXV.Uluslararas? Kat. Kim. Kong., Erzurum (2011).

C5. Derya Güler, Aytaç Güder ve Halil Korkmaz, “Yeni sentezlenen baz? fenolik bile?iklerin antioksidan aktivitelerinin incelenmesi”, XXV.Uluslararas? Kat. Kim. Kong., Erzurum (2011).

C6. Aytaç Güder Momordica charantia Linn. (Kudret Nar?) Meyvesinde Bulunan Antosiyaninlerin Antidiyabetik ve Radikal Giderme Aktivitelerine Etkisi”, 22. Ulusal Biy. Kong., Eski?ehir (2014).

C7. Zafer Türkmen, Aytaç Güder, ?lginç K?z?lp?nar Temizer “Giresun Yöresine Ait Baz? Ballar?n Botanik Orijinin ve Radikal Giderme Aktivitelerinin Belirlenmesi”, 22. Ulusal Biy. Kong., Eski?ehir (2014).

C8. Aytaç Güder, Sevim Çiftçi Yegin, Zafer Türkmen, ?lginç K?z?lp?nar Temizer “Giresun Yöresine Ait Baz? Castanea sativa Ballar?n?n Toplam Flavonoid ve Fenol ?çerikleri ile Radikal Giderme Aktivitelerinin Belirlenmesi” , 22. Ulusal Biy. Kong., Eski?ehir (2014).

C9. ?lginç K?z?lp?nar Temizer, Aytaç Güder, Zafer Türkmen “Giresun Yöresine Ait Baz? Ballar?n Botanik Orjinin, Toplam Flavanoid ve Fenol  ?çeri?inin Belirlenmesi”, 22. Ulusal Biy. Kong., Eski?ehir (2014).

D. Other Publications:

D1.Biochemistry I (2012).  Prof. Dr. Halil KORKMAZ, Prof. Dr. Nihat TINKILIÇ, Assos. Prof. Dr. Tevfik ÖZEN, Assist. Prof.Dr. Aytaç GÜDER (OMÜ Yay?nlar NO:138)

D2.Biochemistry II (2012).  Prof. Dr. Halil KORKMAZ, Prof. Dr. Nihat TINKILIÇ, Assos. Prof. Dr. Tevfik ÖZEN, Assist. Prof. Dr. Aytaç GÜDER(OMÜ Yay?nlar NO:139)

D3.Biyokimya Laboratory (2011).Prof. Dr. Halil KORKMAZ, Prof. Dr. Nihat TINKILIÇ, Assos. Prof. Dr. Tevfik ÖZEN, Assist. Prof. Dr. Aytaç GÜDER(OMÜ Yay?nlar NO:43)

E. Make Reviewer of the International Journals:

E1. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (SCI)

E2.Journal of Medicinal Plants Research (SCI)

E3. Pharmaceutical Biology (SCI)

E4. Studies in Natural Products Chemistry (Bioactive Natural Products)-ELSEVIER SCIENCE PUBLISHERS

E5. Journal of Chemistry (SCI)

E6. Journal of Food Quality (SCI)

E7. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation (SCI)

E8. Journal of Medicinal Food (SCI)

E9. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (SCI)

E10. Journal of Food Biochemistry (SCI)

E11. Natural Product Research (SCI)

E12. Journal of Agricultural Science  And Technology (SCI)

E13.Turkish Journal of Biochemistry (SCI)

G14.Sky Journal of Biochemistry Research

G15.Journal of Medicine Medical Research

G16.Recent Innovations In Chemical Engineering

G17.International Journal of Food Properties (SCI)

G18. Spectroscopy Letters (SCI)

H. Tasks of Editor Position:

H1. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

H2.Middle Black Sea Journal Of Health Science


Scientific Activities

Han BaoPhD

Research Scientist

Michigan State University

I am the research associate in the Plant Research Laboratory at the Michigan State University, U.S.A. I received my doctoral degree in 2009 at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science. I was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Oklahoma State University, USA, from 2012-2016. My Ph.D. and postdoctoral work focused on photosynthesis, particularly photosynthetic water oxidation. I have been a research associate at the Plant Research Laboratory of the Michigan State University since 2016, where I investigates the photoprotective mechanism of cyanobacteria. Besides photosynthesis research, I also studied SPR-based biosensor at Beijing Institute of Technology and Austrian Institute of Technology (2009–2011).  My research interest lies on the molecular basis of photosynthesis, particularly the utilization of solar energy in photosynthesis and solar-driven fuel production.

Research Interests

Lies on the molecular basis of photosynthesis, particularly the utilization of solar energy in photosynthesis and solar-driven fuel production.


1. Bao H, Melnicki MR, Pawlowski EG, Sutter M, Agostoni M, Lechno-Yossef S, Cai F, Montgomery BL, Kerfeld CA. 2017. Additional families of orange carotenoid proteins in the photoprotective system of cyanobacteria, Nature Plants 3, 17089
2. Bao H, Melnicki MR, Kerfeld CA. 2017. Structure and functions of orange carotenoid protein homologs in cyanobacteria, Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 37, 1-9
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10. Bao H, Zhang C, Kawakami K, Ren Y, Shen JR, Zhao J. 2008. Acceptor side effects on the electron transfer at cryogenic temperatures in intact photosystem II, Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1777, 1109–1115
Co-author papers:
11. Gurchiek JK, Bao H, Dominguez-Martin MA, McGovern SE, Marquardt CE, Roscioli JD, Ghosh S, Kerfeld CA, Beck
WF. Fluorescence and Excited State Conformational Dynamics of the Orange Carotenoid Protein, J. Phys. Chem. B., just accepted, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.7b09435
12. Lechno-Yossef S, Melnicki MR, Bao H, Kerfeld CA. 2017. Synthetic OCP heterodimers are photoactive and recapitulate the fusion of two primitive carotenoproteins in the evolution of cyanobacterial photoprotection, Plant J. 91, 646-656
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Scientific Activities